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hi there,
I bought an Antec Kuhler 620 to cool my CPU, im lookin up in the BIOS setup and can see the temperature of my AMD Phenom II 6x 1090T goes around 32 degrees, is that around about the right temp or do i need 3rd party software to get more juice out of my cooler as i didn't get software with it?
I'm planning to use an extra fan for the radiator to cool it even further in future.
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  1. 32c is normal.It's nothing special but it's normal.Most CPU coolers will stay anywhere from 5c~10c above ambient.But what you need to is download HWMonitor and look at your temps when you stress the CPU.Only the temps when your CPU is being stressed will show how good or not good your cooler is performing.
    Download HWMonitor
    Download a stress testing program(run that program for about 10mintues and post back a screen shot or the temps on all cores)
  2. ^1 purple!
  3. Purple stank has this one...

    BIOS only reports your temps at idle and without any kind of load the OS is putting on your system (which is still fairly minimal once booting is completed)

    You'll want to find a CPU stress test to see what your temps are at load. HWMonitor is good, I use CoreTemp, but there are several others as well. Something like the Intel Burn test software is good, there are others for this category as well...(I'm drawing a blank right now as I don't bench my gear that much other than for any troubleshooting reasons).
  4. I use RealTemp 3.40 as well as OCCT to monitor temps.
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