CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W Question

im just not sure.

but does this power supply support this mother board pin connector or it wont work. PSU ASrock motherboard

thanks in advnace.
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  1. Today is your lucky day. Your motherboard requires a 24 pin power connection. Your Corsair power supply comes with a 20+4 power cable which can be used as 24 pin connection or a 20 pin connection. Don't worry! Be happy!
  2. really, so i can use the 20+4 as 24 pin connector and plug them in the motherboard.

    if so, is there any difference between 20+4 and 24 pin connectors, or they both give the exact same power/volts ?
  3. Nope. The only difference is that a 20+4 can be used as either a 20 pin or a 24 pin (and will work fine in either).
  4. ok thanks alot guys.
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