P5K Deluxe and Corsair CM2X2048

I just purchased 4 gb of Corsair ram twin pack to upgrade my pc from 4gb to 8gb. When I install the 2gb ram in each slot to make it 8gb total, it won't recognize anything and gives me a blank screen. No beeps, no bios, nothing comes up. When I try each stick sperately to make it 6gb it comes up fine, however before the windows boots up a message comes up saying that I had overclock settings and if I want to choose back to default (only if I tried to install 8gb). I haven't messed with overclocking anything just used the default settings on the bios and motherboard. Also, the original 4gb is from the same manufacturer and same CAS settings. The only difference is the revision.

Anything I can try to make all 8gb of ram work?

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  1. Also ram is DDR2 and 800mhz
  2. That's the P35 chipset, which is aging a bit:


    As a general rule, installing 4 DIMMs will always
    put more stress on the Northbridge (Memory Controller Hub).

    So, here's a suggestion or two:

    Start out with only 2 DIMMs installed, and
    try increasing the Northbridge voltage slightly
    (NOT the DRAM voltage). If that works, then
    try installing all 4 x DIMMs.

    And, another separate permutation is to
    under-clock the DRAM e.g. DDR2-667,
    just to see if your machine will boot up.

    You may be able to get your P35 chipset
    to boot with 4 x DIMMs installed, provided
    that you are running the DRAM at a slower

    A third permutation is to relax the memory
    timings. But, try to get your machine to boot first,
    so that you can run CPU-Z and record the SPD options.
    (See the "SPD" tab in the CPU-Z program.)

    Once you succeed in booting, then you can try
    increasing the DRAM frequency, in small increments,
    to see at what point your machine becomes unstable.

    A good target FSB : DRAM ratio for you would be
    3 : 4 -- 333 MHz Bus Speed and 400 MHz DRAM frequency
    (using CPU-Z nomenclature).

    If your CPU won't run with a Bus Speed of 333 MHz,
    then back off to 200 MHz, in order to get your machine
    to boot up successfully. This setting should result
    in a 1 : 2 FSB : DRAM ratio (as reported by CPU-Z)
    i.e. 200 : 400.

    You'll have to use "progressive refinement"
    to determine the settings which maximize speed
    while maintaining stability.

    One last thing: your 4 DIMMs may NOT report
    the same SPD options: so, you could boot up
    TWICE -- with 2 different matched pairs, and then
    run CPU-Z to determine their actual SPD options.

    The chipset should be choosing the timings
    that are common to all 4 DIMMs, but you may
    need to select those "common settings" manually.

    Also, one matched pair should be installed
    in the lower slots of separate channels;
    the other matched pair should be installed
    in the higher slots of separate channels.

    Your chipset might be choking if you are installing
    both DIMMs of a matched pair in the same channel,
    particularly if the 2 pairs have different SPD options.

    I hope this helps.

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