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hi,all, I have two 2.5 inch hard drives, one is with my laptop that i am using at the moment, another one is new and clean. I wonder is it possible to move the contents of the old drive to the new one entirely, including OS and apps, so that i dont have to install all stuff on the new drive, which is painful.


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  1. There are many apps that allow "cloning" of the HDD, including configuring the new HDD to your liking, in terms of partitioning and such. you can feel free to google HDD cloning and I'm sure you'll find one that you prefer.
    just make sure the new HDD has a bigger capacity than the old one (or at least equal).
  2. the situation is that, I have a thinkpad edge laptop with 320GB HDD, which was divided into 2 partitions, one is for Windows7_OS and all the stuff I stored(C: 287GB), another one is Lenovo Recovery(Q: 9.76GB). Now I gonna replace the old HDD with a new 500GB one, that I want both C: and Q: be fully cloned into the new drive. My question is are these HDD clone software able to do that while keeps the original scales of each partitions (suppose that I want to have two partitions in the new drive).

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