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I would like to update my graphics card. i have a nvidia 512MB 9600 gt. i am not to sure which card i should update to. i have heard about the ATI 4850-70 but i am not to sure. please help.

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  1. Here,2323-6.html we see a chart or hierarchy of gpu performance. In his explanation of the chart, its top performer on down, and he recommends at least a 3 tier jump for an upgrade, to truly see a perfomance difference, all of which I totally agree. On the chart, the 4850 is 3 tiers up, while the 4870 is 4 tiers. Alot depends on how much of an upgrade youll want to see, and your rigs configuration: resolution/cpu/psu mainly
    The pricing on the ATI cards have been reduced dramatically lately, so, if I was in your situation, Id go big provided my cpu can handle/truly show the difference, my psu can handle the card, and my resolution warrants it, or also be willing to change a few other things on my rig as needed, whether it be a oc to my cpu, a more powerful psu, and what size my monitor was
  2. wow thank you. are you able to tell me the system requierments for the HD 4850?
  3. umm i got a quad core Q6600 2.4 Ghz 3 gig ddr2
  4. Cpus fine. Psu?. The 4850 will require a psu that runs 19-20 amps per 12 volt rail, or 30 total amps for the entire 12 volt rail, and uses approx 110watts
  5. Jaydeejohn's first post about the heirarchy chart and its use was great; use that. If there's a particular game that isn't running too well for you, perhaps there are benchmarks of that game on various cards that would suggest how high you want or need to go.
    A quality 450W PSU is enough for a 4850; an Earthwatts 430 could do it.
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