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Okay do i finally got my second gtx460 on the cheap and decided to sli. Now my msi hawk i can reach 900/2200 no problem and my gigabyte gets only 825/2000. Now i sli been running my gigabyte speed but i decided to see if i can improve my ocing. I get 845 on core so far running occt no errors from start to finish. Is this normal?
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  1. whats the benefit of overclocking a 460 in sli? i dont wanna be an ass but i dont see the point :)
  2. What's the point of overclocking the cards? Bigger e-peen?
  3. I kind of thinking of overclocking the same as me adding more stuff to my car as well. Why get a new exhaust system, why add a turbo kit, I mean why do I add a whole bunch of this stuff to my car when the speed limit is only 50. Idk? its fun to push things farther than they are suppose to. So i like overclocking started with my MSI gx620 laptop pushed the 2.8 to a meezly 3.4ghz proc and 9600 to 9700gt wasnt the best but it was okay.
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