Please help! Torn between these motherboards!

Hello. I am going to pull all my hair out, as I'm torn between which motherboard to go with. I am going to order my PC soon, and this is my final thing to consider. First, my specs: Please do NOT take overclocking into account.

i5 720
XFX 4890
G.Skill 4GB 1333 DDR3 memory (2x2GB)
-rest is irrelevant

1) P55 UD3R 1156

2) MSI P55-CD53

3) Gigabyte UD2 1156 microATX

Should I save some money and go with the cheaper boards, or is the UD3R worth it?
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  1. Well, are the extra features worth it to you? In my case I would take the UD3R because of the optical audio out on the board (my speaker system) and my dislike of mATX boards.
  2. I agree with Rolli for pretty much the same reasons.
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