Virus caused dvd combo into cd?! NEED HELP ASAP!

I could handle not having a dvd for a while normally, but I know my computers infected and need to format ASAP! (which cannot be done without a dvd drive) the drive was working perfectly fine, then avast found a few viruses (damn torrents) and when they were being removed I got BSOD multiple times. I only noticed it had converted when I tried to use a dvd with a windows 7 iso on it... I tried finding firmware for it (lite-on iHAS524-t98 B) but couldn't find any.. I don't have any other parts laying around at the moment, and I'm strapped for cash... does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. So you can play cd, but no dvd in a dvd drive...interesting :P

    avast has a run boot time scan function. Use this and the removal of viruses will not result in bsod.

    If the drive still does not work then go to the device manager and uninstall the optical drive. Then scan for new hardware, and it will do a fresh driver install.
  2. Yeah, I know, but when i did that, it just sat at windows logon screen, then BSOD :( I ended up finding a copy of windows xp which I am running right now, but I got my hdd formatted (yay) and Im downloading a retail version of win7 so i can get off of xp until i get a new optical drive... I doubt liteon would replace the drive.. :(

    I'm not 100% sure it was due to the virus, but if it wasn't, it was a horrible coincidence..
  3. damn, I haven't been on tomshardware since my old pc was stolen! i need a new sig! now im running a amd 955 (soon to be the new 6 core) with 4gb ram and a 6850 (soon to be xfire 6970's) and a 500gb barracuda lol... kinda depressing
  4. If it is actually a virus that has caused this issue, then use a Linux Ubuntu boot disk, they burn to a CD. that will let you do a total wipe of your drive, and using a non-windows disk, eliminating the risk of infection during the installation... most of the Microsoft OSes that are CD sized (XP, 98, ect) are vulnerable during the installation if you are using them for a virus recovery. If installing Ubuntu (and yes, basically any version will work, and they are all free) fixes the issue, then it was a virus. If, however, installing Ubuntu does not fix the issue, then either your drive needs cleaned, or is old and failing. Hope this helps.

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