I7 2600k oc system cold boots

Hi guys,

Are the cold boots normal on these machines? Is there anyway to stop them as no seems to have any answers?

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  1. I was having an issue when I built my PC - it would go into a boot loop and after 4/5 attempts it would boot.

    My issue turned out to be a faulty power supply (which I had been using for a couple years) once that was replaced no issues.

    I was told by tech that there is a memory timing issue with Sandy Bridge though. Go into your bios and change the memory settings to XMP if you are using memory with a speed over 1600 mhz. If you aren't set to XMP and the native speed is over 1600mhz the PC can cold boot as it lowers the memory speeds in order to boot.
  2. My son's build does a boot 2-step when it's cold booted. Starts up, shuts down, immediately reboots and is fine. Been about 12 posts that I have seen but no solutions seen as yet.

    Memory is manually set to 1600 and it's still at 1600 after the 2 step
  3. What I don't undersand is that sometimes it doesn't do it for days and then will just suddenly do it!
  4. I've updated to the f3 bios and it's done the trick
  5. Glad to hear you fixed your problem - these Sandy Bridges do seem a little finiky when initially built
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