Tuniq Tower 120 extreme or Thermaltake Frio?

Tuniq Tower 120 extreme or Thermaltake Frio?
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  1. Tt Frio. Assuming it is the same price, the frio gives you more cooling per dollar.
  2. frio hands down
  3. go with the Tuniq tower 120 extreme... its a much better and proven cooler and certainly less noisier than the frio...
  4. I'm going to go with the Tuniq as well.
    Comes with very good paste TX-3.
    Proven performance.
    Excellent base height clearance 47mm for ram kit compatability.
  5. I withdraw my vote for frio. Seems like they're about equal, and most people have lower noise tolerances than me. unless the extra few degrees is worth the higher noise, get the tuniq tower. I'm a big advocate of price/performance. My suggestion would be corsair a50 or hyper 212+ on amazon.
  6. I kind of agree with all the above the Frio may give you a few Cs but its seriously loud. It depends what CPU you have as only the i7 9XX series needed more than a Hyper 212+ unless your seriously overvolting or have high room temps.
  7. Depend on your CPU for
    SB : thermaltake frio
    AMD : Tuniq tower
  8. henydiah, I think you may have those reversed. To me anyway, it would seem as though the lower wattage cpus don't need a full flat base and 6 8mm heatpipes. Since HDT gives you more efficient dissipation on fewer pipes... supposedly. As in HDT works better on lower heat loads.

    Yes you could have all HDT base and have 8 8mm heatpipes like zerotherm ZT-10D but be HDT, but the ones on the edge do almost nothing. They do almost nothing with flat bases, but supposedly even less with HDT. I really like what the polaris does, lots of HDT where it matters and metal shrouds.

    But honestly, the nearly unanimous king is the silver arrow, which only utilizes 4 8mm heatpipes. Heatpipe quality/orientation/spacing, fin amount/size/density, fans, and base finish all make a difference. From first glance the frio seems like a power heatsink and the more likely better cooler, but clearly the Tuniq Tower does something else right.

    So many variables to think about, you really need the reviews to tell you. Most people dismiss the v6 by cooler master as not too great. I bought it before the reviews were out, thinking its design was ingenious with 2 high speed fans which I already planned to use. They use 50 something fins (about the same as other high end air coolers) in a smaller area, more condensed fin arrangement. They also have the V pipe arrangement. The idea being that they have just as much surface area as other high end cpu coolers, but since the fins don't go as high the pipes don't have to travel as far. Also they're is way less fin area not getting any air blown over it (the corners of the fin arrangement where the fan's corners are) so more are gets cooled and the heatpipes get in the way less with V arrangement. The down side is that the fans have to be high cfm and have high pressure to get through the density, and you should have two of them to get the most out of it. I thought for sure the v6 would have reviews that show it being amazing kind of like how it was for hardwarecanucks. Turns out it isn't that great. Good thing I snagged it for $40 with free shipping :D
  9. thank you guys for helping me out, im using a phenom x4 955BE..
  10. Well, from what I've read, the swiftech polaris is very good, and about the same price as the two you are looking at.
    http://www.performance-pcs.com/cat [...] s_id=30407

    If it is really just between those two, it is pretty close. I'd still say if noise isn't an issue, grab the cheaper of the two.

    However, there are lots of good choices. What're you going to be doing that you want the extra cooling?
  11. topheng said:
    thank you guys for helping me out, im using a phenom x4 955BE..

    find your cooler at here get best 5 rating for CPU AMD and you see many comparisson with other cooler.. good luck :D
  12. The frio scores higher on intel and AMD on frostytech's list. However, one should not just use frostytech as an end all be all for seeing which heatsink is best.
  13. last question,frio or tuniq tower 120 extreme or Corsair H50?
  14. Tuniq tower 120 extreme
  15. I have zero experience with liquid cooling of any kind (I guess except heatpipes technically), but I hear those pumps are not so reliable, but I DO NOT know how true that is.
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