MB / SW RAID solutions and Advanced Format HDDs

Question: the new "advanced format" drives from WD et. al. are supported in Win 7 and Vista, but not as easily in XP or Server 2k3 (and as a result, WHS).

What about SW-based RAID arrays? For example, do the Intel Matrix storage, AMD RAIDXpert, Silicon Image 3114 and similar RAID solutions support the new format? Is it even a consideration or factor? Or is it a non-issue?

I'm wondering b.c. I'm using 4 x 1.5 TB WD drives in a RAID 5 array for data storage, on an AMD chipset w/ the 850 SB and it occurred to me that if the AMD RAID drivers are sitting between the O/S (Win 7 x64) and the HDDs, they might hinder the O/S' ability to correctly format the drives given the advanced format.

Anyone know how this works out?
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  1. Wow, either I've stumped all of Tom's Hardware's readers, or this is a really boring question.

    To rephrase the question, Is AMD's RAIDXpert software and SATA controller "Advanced Format" aware?
  2. I'd sure like to know myself. wdalign claims there is nothing to d but I don't if that's because of the logical drive or if there really isn't anything to do.
  3. On the WD site I read that RAID arrays on AMD chipsets don't require any additional work, but arrays on Intel chipsets require a specific version or patch or something. But that isn't very reassuring.
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