Are these high temps for hyper212+ with IC Diamond on E6850?

tried overclocking and right now on my E6850@3ghz to 3.15 and running intel burntest and max temps reached was 65c but while running for the most part at 100% is around 60c and idle is around 43c
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  1. You can check and see if the fan is running at full speed. Many boards do not increase the fan speed until higher temperatures.

    In the bios under hardware monitor you can disable the fan control and see if it helps.

    Please note 60c is not hot for that cpu.
  2. fans are at max, maybe i did not set my heatsink and thermal paste at its best?
  3. did you use the stock thermal paste? when i tried to use it on another heatsink, it was very thick. I use MX 3 and AS5

    Like i say, some of the E6xxx cpus ran hot. hell my Q6600 ran cooler then my e6600. Just progress I assume.
  4. i used ic diamond 7 compound but not sure how much 50lbs of pressure feels like but it kinda felt like i got the thermal paste on good kinda sank it down then moved the whole heatsink to what feels like the whole cpu surface
  5. 65 C load temps are fine for any of the Core2 CPU's.
  6. Did you use a very small amount of thermal paste (something like a grain of uncooked rice or so). The new version of the Hyper 212+ does not have 'extra paste channels', so you should apply the paste like you do for any other cooler.
  7. For real? its perfectly flat now?

    Sorry for thread jack, but i have 2 more on order. cant say no to $20 for them. and i promised one to a friend already.
  8. I think so, though it could have changed again (or they forgot to machine the bottom of mine). I have 3 Hypers, and every one of them is different
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