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i have msi 785g-e53 mobo and x2 550 cpu and can be unlocked to a quad well and goes to 3.6ghz at 1.49v, any further ocing is results in this bsods page fault in non paged area, system service exception,

its northbridge has a problem it does not post at 2400 mhz or 2600 mhz... once i keep it on for some time and then apply the oc to northbridge it gets overclocked and works fine
no display after i shutdown and turn it on again...
i even gave it 1.585 v but still the problem persists...

any one have any suggestions....?????
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  1. Clearly it's an unstable overclock. Just because it "works fine" does not mean the CPU and northbridge can run stable at these speeds.
  2. is there any way to make it stable..... its northbridge runs fine at 2600mhz but does not post after some time being shutdown
  3. What is the NB voltage set at ?
  4. its about 1.457 for 2400mhz and for 2600 1.59 seems to be less....may be its a weak cpu because it takes 1.49v for 3600mhz cpu clock...
    the northbridge wont oc even in the dua
    l core mode. ...
  5. you voltages are way to high...set NB manually to 1.2v...CPU voltage is normal..Your OCing with all cores..So your instability can be chalked up to the CPU's extra cores giving up at that speed....Try setting the CPU back to a dual core and you should see a lot more stability and more Clock Speed.
  6. BTW...you CPU's voltage limit is 1.55v and the NB shouldn't exceed 1.35v ever
  7. thnks for reply...

    motherboard has options like cpu vdd and cpu v, when i up the cpu vdd the cpu voltage ups automatically but this is not the case with the northbridge,cpunb vdd is automaticlly at 1.15...and upping this voltage does not up the northbridge voltage....
    if i manually change the nb voltage which is 1.325 at default...i go for 2400 at 1.457. ..
    the temps never go above 55 during prime 95
    if i go above 1.6v for the nb would the processor be damaged...??????
  8. Overvolting the NB will destroy your MOBO......As far as messing with the voltages you described I only upped my CPU voltage and my NB voltage...Those other setting are set manually to their default...Looks like your playing with fire using those setting
  9. i am only playing with the voltages that are inside the cpu...... cpu vdd voltage and cpunb vdd voltage. .. the nb voltage that u are saying are only nb voltage
  10. i was messing with the voltages and fsb speeds and came to a stable overclock....
    cpu at 3612mhz at 212x17 at 1.48v
    cpunb at 2550 mhz at 1.528v and ht also at 2550mhz at default voltage
    ram at 1413mhz at 7-7-7-20-1t at 1.5v

    seems to be fine now....
  11. So there was a voltage problem in there. Was it unstable or some other issue.?
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