Gentlemen, I have a laptop running 98, when you boot the unit it loads right to the desktop, it does not prompt you for ID, domain and password, hence no validation, no network access. If go to start, logoff and log back in the unit will display the ID, domain and password dialog box. Enter password and your in. A fellow worker mentioned the autologon key in the registry. Any input is appreciated.
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  1. the login prompt is showed at bootup only if you have a network card properly installed, or there are more than one useers on your machine. create a new user and login to your account on next bootup. it will prompt for your password, username of the last user already filled in.

    you can have autologon enabled with tweakui, a utility that comes with windows.

    but if you are a single user, generally a laptop isnt a shared machine, then you dont need to logon to it anyway. i have different logons on mine, because i need different profiles, different desktops and start menu (for contents) when i login as a developer, for accounts, and for browsing.

    if this is the case with you, you can go to control panel->users and add users, and set it to use different start menu and desktop settings for each user.

    hope that helps.


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  2. If it is automatically logging you in, you can see on the start bar if you are there.

    Click start. You should see "Log off 'your name'" above the shutdown option. If not, you're not logged in.

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