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My wireless router has recently been showing the wrong time and date, causing connection issues with a number of devices. I have manually set the time and date a number of times and it continually goes back to the same incorrect date and time. All devices using the network are showing the correct time and date. Help!
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  1. What Make/Model of router?
  2. D-Link, Model WBR-2310
  3. Tools --> Time --> Is the NTP Server enabled?
  4. No, it is not currently enabled. Should it be?
  5. You could try enabling it to see if it keeps the date/time correct. You might also check to see if there is a firmware update.
  6. When the NTP ever is enabled, it does not stay enabled. After a couple hours it disables and the time and date is incorrect again.
  7. Did you check if there was a firmware update? If not, I'd say your router is defective.
  8. Thanks for all your help. There was no new firmware, but the problem has been solved otherwise. In case anyone encounters this bizarre problem in the future and wonders how to fix it, doing a system restore on the router fixed the problem for me. (Tools-->System-->Restore Device)
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