I have a good computer, but MMORPGs ALWAYS lag,

Hello, whenever I try to play downloaded online games such as Shayia, 4Story, Last Chaos... etc my computer runs the games smoothly, but then decides to give me MAJOR lag.

I don't think it's my internet as I get a good download speed, and my Xbox live runs fine.

My computer has 4GB ram, Athlon AMD II X2 215 processer, Nivida Geforce 9200 graphics card.. so I don't see what the problem is. My computer beats all the specs to run the games, yet I still lag!
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  1. Does it always happen or is it at particular times?
  2. In my opinion the problem is with your graphic cards -- try an upgrade. For your reference have a look at Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart.
  3. By lag what do you mean?What are your symptoms...Low frame rates? Which types of network hardware are you using? Are your video drivers up-to-date? Which programs are running in the background? Do you have an anti-virus program active?
  4. Assuming that by "lag" you mean actual lag and not simply bad frame rates in the games...

    Lag is basically high ping times -- the time it takes for your request to hit the server and for the server to answer. You can still have good download speeds even with high ping times.

    Xbox Live is connecting to its own server(s). Your computer games are connecting though other servers that are likely in other parts of the country or world.
  5. Ask people you play online games, if they have the same problem as yours.

    If they have same problems, then it is likely a server problem as Leaps-from-Shadows pointed out.

    If not, then it is a ´client´side problem, meaning not enough hardware. For how long does your computer run the games smoothly, before it starts lagging?
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