I just bought Cooler Master Hyper 212+,I need some suggestions

I just bought it from Ebay but I am still considering buying a second fan for "push pull" setup for it...
I am a new guy in computer customization and I need some suggestions

1.the fan included with the heatsink is push or pull fan??
if it is push fan,I need buy a pull fan;
if it is pull fan,I need buy a push fan....Am I understanding correctly??

2.How much will I get to install the second fan??

3.I have the Raven2b-EW case,which I though has a quite good cooling.....will it fit with CM hyper 212+?

4.Any recommendation on the second fan?stick with CM or choose any other brand?
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  1. Yes it will fit in a Raven.
    You'll get a temp difference of 1-2C less at idle.
    If you get better temps great.
    Choose the exact same fan CM R4 Blademaster.
    Buy two totally different fans like Scythe S-flex or Kama Flex PWM. 1200-1600rpm
    Most people replace the R4's due to noise 30+db with quieter fans under 30db like 25 db or less.
    All fans are push or pull which is both fans mounted in the same air flow direction. <--- <---
    intake or exhaust - depending which way you mount it ----> <----
    They have air-flow arrows on them for the direction you want the air to flow.
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