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Hard drive problems

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a b $ Windows 7
a b G Storage
February 10, 2011 10:47:23 PM

Ok, so basically i had a sata and an ide drive in my computer, i was running windows 7, everything started slowing down, it was all going a bit random, i couldnt be arsed to sort it out, so i wipped out the sata that windows 7 was installed on to, lobbed in another sata, installed windows 7, jobs a gooden right?, wrong! so at this point i put in the old sata put it as a slave, it shows up in bios, and in device management, BUT, not in the my computer part. i then went back to drive management, clicked on properties on the hardrive, then clicked "populate" and got this message

"volume information for this disc can not be found"

so now what do i do? it has windows on it and was set as drive maybe its conflicting trying to be drive c when there is already one there. i only want it in so i can take some info off it then wipe the drive and use it as storage. how do i sort this or assign it another drive letter...if that is the problem

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a b $ Windows 7
a b G Storage
February 10, 2011 11:21:20 PM

I may not be following you... you have 1 drive lets call it IDE and a second we call it SATA... you wipe out SATA and add a new Sata drive I will call NEWSATA... You now load win 7 on that NEWSATA... am I right so far?... now you have the System running with 7 on NEWSATA and you add SATA and get "volume info for this disk can not be found" let me ask what did you mean by "wiped out SATA"? and what is on IDE and is it hooked up?