Amazing 4870 price??!!

I'm gutted, for an extra couple of quid I could have been sitting on 2 4870's instead of 4770's :pfff:
Anyone want to buy 2 nearly new 4770's......... :whistle:
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  1. Have just bought that, cracking piece of kit although dont expect to be doing any fan speeds mods as its the basic version ie the fan is always on full. Word to the wise, it doesnt come with crossfire connections, which irritated me quite abit as i had to search elsewhere(ebay :) ) for the connectors, and it comes with a video out to component cable.

    Errrrr, that's pretty tempting too lol.

    Evergreen is on it's way, faster than you think. It has to be looking at the prices on these cards now.
  3. The first link you gave....a 4870 for under a ton?!?!
    Sheesh, these were like £170ish for 512mb 4870 just a while ago hence my 4770 purchase.
    Andrew is not amused :pfff: Still... nature of the beast I suppose but it does make me weep on the inside (looks for sympathy)
  4. The post above is meant to have quoted your first message Jenny. I think my tears of sorrow prevented me from clicking the quote button...
  5. ^Sympathy...BAH! ;)
  6. That's it.....kick a man when he's down.
  7. Yeah I actually bought a 4870 for £178 about 6 months ago, the prices now are unbelievable.
  8. @ ac3144: Best time!
    But I know what you mean, I do n't think I can remember prices dropping so far so quickly nor 'the market' being so volatile as now.
    My dear departed 512 Mb card was bought 23/Jul/08 and cost 185 pounds, only 11 months later and the 1 Gig versions are 110 or less!
    Do I detect a company clearing stock for something new and exciting?
  9. heheh OCuk are going crazy on some prices right now, check the I7 cpus and the mobos ;) some are like cheap I m almost annoyed
  10. Just think though guys (and Jenny) soon we will look back at Crysis, using our uber cards that we bought cheaply because there's new one's out which we can't afford, and we will scoff at how our machines could only play it with low settings at 640x480 with 4fps...and rejoice at how hardware has moved on..

    'Course we won't actually play Crysis, we will just marvel briefly at how lovely it looks and wish we had a system like we have now back when Crysis was a contemporaneous graphics benchmark...sigh.... such is the life of a relatively poor gamer.

    Come on admit it....who has bought a new system or component and put on an older game just to see how fast you can run it/beautiful it looks and then thought to yourself 'so that's what all those people who could afford GTX 295's were talking about'

    I haven't been so sad so don't look at me.... :whistle:
  11. ^^hehehe...Did that with Unreal and Quake 2.
    Over 800 FPS on a HD4870:)
    Pointless, but amusing.
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