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Would installing a game onto a SSD make it load faster when playing online?
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  1. Initial loading of the game would be faster, but online play will be limited by the speed of your internet connection. I doubt an SSD would make any difference in online gaming.
  2. You answered my question exactly.I know online gameplay matters most on your connection type but i was wondering if it would speed up the load times.I guess it will.

  3. Intel says that SSDs can reduce stuttering in games by speeding up in-game loading, but the truth of this statement is debatable as Intel may only be saying this to increase SSD sales.
  4. Well before your able to play some sort of loading takes place.My guess is that the loading is accesssing the hard drive for whatever map,weapons etc.Also part of that is internect connection.
  5. Well that claim could certainly be true. Levels in modern games are too large to fit in memory, so the games have to implement a system where the game only stores the part of the map that is visible in RAM. Whenever you move across the map the game engine has to preload the contents of the area of the map that's about to become visible in advance.

    Occasionally the system fails to preload new areas in time and the game "hitches" until the data is retrieved off the hard drive and the data can be processed and rendered. The high HDD access latencies often mean that this process takes long enough to cause noticeable delays. I've actually experienced this myself quite often. SSDs can eliminate hitching because the access latencies are so low that the time it takes for the game to recover from a failure to prefetch data is dramatically reduced.

    With online games SSDs won't improve the experience because network latency is a far bigger problem, but they can help for non-online gaming.
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    A lot of the games data that is loaded into memory is textures. A lot of high end games will stream the textures as it needs them and it's that kind of random access where an SSD would be an improvement over a traditional HDD. It's hard to say how much of an improvement though.

    Initial loading times when changing maps for instance would be faster with a good SSD to answer your initial question.
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