X-FI titanium, no sound in games...

after just few minutes of playing...
That's what is happening to me with my build below followed by my little essay... Could you guys help me out here..

If you need more info I will visit this page in the evening, so ask questions if something isn't clear and I hope you can help me out... I never had anything like that before.

From here it's a copy and paste of the post I posted on another website but that wasn't very helpful as it's mostly a console game site. Due to lack of time I can't rewrite it so please bare with me.

Recently I built a new rig, few months back
AMD Athlon 7750 Kuma Black Ed.
Gigabyte GA- MA770-UD3
XFX Radeon 4870 XXX 512MB
4gb G.Skill DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)
Antec 550W PSU
X-Fi Titanium
Klipsh ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Speakers

My last upgrade was the sound card, I upgraded from Creative xfi gamer ed. to this titanium one just because I could get it for free and I wanted an optical out so I could make a media center out of that PC.
Mind you everything worked great prior to this upgrade, music, movies and most importantly games. after the install I also decided to give Win 7 beta a go, I love the new OS but games wouldn't work, I mean they worked great but after few minutes of playing everything went mute and I had to reboot to get the sound back on my PC. I started suspecting that there's something wrong with either a sound card driver (beta stage for Win7) or with this beta build of Win7 in general.

This past weekend I finally got around to installing win xp back on my pc, clean install, no dual boots, just XP pro. Thinking that sound card drivers work good on xp and all I installed bioshock and BF2 with their newest patch. Same story all over again, Bioshock plays good but sound goes out after just few minutes of playing, it doesn't lock, no crashes to desktop, just loss of sound, like someone pressed mute for me, same with BF2.

So, I'm almost 100% positive that there is some issue with my sound card, I will try to use the onboard sound and see if I can replicate this problem and also try the older x-fi sound card to see if I can do the same too, but in the meanwhile I'm open to any suggestion as I'm really puzzled here... Bad PCIe port? Bad sound card? not even google is helping here.

Thanks for any help
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  1. You've tried another set of speakers or earphones with the card? There could also be an issue with your speakers.
  2. Hi and thanks for replying... My PC is connected to a receiver and headphones, I have no problem playing music or movies from my PC, only when I play a game... Games load fine, by that I mean menus, intros but when I start playing it's where all goes mute, so it happens in the actual gameplay, usually between 10 seconds and a minute of gameplay..
  3. Does this happen with a particular game or games in general? You should check if you're using the correct "sound provider" in your games' settings.
  4. Games in general. I have this card uninstalled currently and using onboard sound, everything is dandy as I thought it would. I also updated BIOS, the version of BIOS I originally had had some sound compatibility issues, that could be the problem here. When I get my copy of Win7 from MS I will put the sound card back and install everything from scratch. Hopefully that was all to it, a BIOS update.

    Thanks, I really appreciate your help.
  5. I doubt it could be your BIOS, but you never know. Has the update fixed your issue?
  6. well since creative has crap ### drivers.. I'd start with that
  7. ^^ I guess someone had to say it...

    Try disabling X-fi (Both BF2 and Bioshock support it), and make sure you're in "game mode". Failing that, try one of the many third party driver sets for Creatives junk...I mean, soundcards :D
  8. I know they're crap for the most part, personally I never had a problem with their hardware and since it was a gift from me wife... well you know how it is..

    BIOS update said specifically that it fixes some sound incompatibilities, that might as well be for the onboard sound but you never know. When I finally get my Win7 in the mail I will do a clean install, then I'll see what happens.

    Game mode was set by default, I tried them all though with no success.
    I'm gonna have to look for those third party drivers, for some reason never thought of that, my router is twice as good with third party software.

    Thanks guys.
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