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I have a 500GB HDD (Samsung Spinpoint F3) for my storage needs...
I didn't really do anything or add anything out of the usuall, but I'm losing massive chunks of space, the space usage went (Only today) from 180GB to 205GB and now its using 223GB of space....????If I highlight the files on the drive and look at it, its only around 160GB of data. I absolutely do not understand whats happening. I did a full file system check incase its space reporting errors, I defraged it, checked for virus. I am stumped as to whats eating so much space or rather why windows is incorrectly reporting the amount of space used. Any help?
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    Check your system restore settings... You probably have it set up at 100%, so it will continue to eat up space. Deleted your restore points and set it to 1% to 2% max. It should free up a lot of space :)
  2. I don't use system restore, Volume shadow copies are off, everything is cleaned. I did run WinDirStat and it shows a massive 50GB "Unkown" file...I think its hogging space. It appears as if the OS thinks its used space but it really isn't. It won't let me delete it. IDK what to do.
  3. You can try & run a checkdisk (chkdsk) scan on your drive. It has been known to fix errors that won't let you delete a folder or file off your PC.
  4. ^I tried running check disk, however when I do, for some reason it maxes out my 6GB of ram and then crashes as I don't have a pagefile so my PC crashes. I tried running a disk check via a partition manager and it showed up with no errors and nothing was fixed. Then I tried running chkdsk via CMD and still nothing was fixed.
  5. Wow....just wow...I've been working with computers for quite some years now and I like to experiment on computer more than anyone and have experienced tons and tons of issues...most of which I've solved after lots of research, troubleshooting, and more experimentation, however this by far takes the cake...weirdest issue I've EVER come across. Out of a reported 161GB of used space...jumps to like 220GB out of nowhere...WinDirStat shows a treemap of a massive 50GB+ unknown file...I cannot find this file, I don't know which program it came from, I scanned for viruses in safe mode, i've scanned active processes...tried to look for it via unhiding OS files, disabled and deleted all Volume Shadow Copies/Services and System Restore...cleaned all temp files and no avail...!

    Not only this but my drive became like 20% fragmented and no defragmenter could handle it...not diskeeper, nor perfect disk...etc. I downloaded both and tried to defrag, then I tried some boot defrags and boot disk checks of or something and all of a sudden it boots and that 50GB file is its using only 161GB of space as it should. It still shows an unkown file but its only 1GB...not 50 or 60GB. I have no clue what solved this or what I did to solve it, but at least its gone now and hopefully won't come back.

    Edit: Problem appeared again, since I reinstalled OS. Its system restore, I just had to go into some other settings, enable it, delete points, then re-disable it, now all is good. Thanks techmo :)
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