How do I reset my computer to normal icons and 1680 X 1050 pics and 16 color qua

I can't reset my desktop monitor. I tried to check my email this a.m. and my Icons were humungous, like the whole screen was stretched. I checked my display settings and it was reset to 640X480 Pix and Highest(32) color quality.. It needs to be 1680 X 1050 pics and 16 color quality. the problem is the display settings won't show up so I can't apply the new settings on anything, theme, background, nada. nothing. What do I do????
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  1. Re-install video driver:
    Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware>device manager>Display Adapters, Right-click on your video card, Update driver, No not this time, Install the software automatically, next


    System Restore rollback.

    Start>Help and Support>Undo Changes to your computer using System restore>Restore my computer to an earlier time, choose a date in bold, Next
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