Please suggest a simple/quality RAID5 NAS

Hi All.

I want to take the RAID5 array out of my tower and put it in a nice small NAS box.
Please suggest a simple/quality NAS that has these basic things.

USB / RJ-45
ON , Power Down / OFF switch.
A simple web interface.
Built-in RAID 0/1/5 controller.
Shows a red-light on a failed drive. Then just turn the box off, replace the drive, then it will re-stripe automatically.
Mature that doesn't require a lot of screwing around.

That's all. Just back up the data and forget.

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    Hardware RAID, fast, couldn't be happier - I use for streams video and remote back up data with RSYNC feature

    Here is the review:
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    nThanks for the post!
    nHardware RAID is what I ment.
    nYou ment "couldn't be happier" ? ;)
    nSince there are 4 USB ports, I guess I can use this as a simple external drive as well? Or Ethernet/eSAYA only?
  3. usually the usb ports are there to add even more storage or for print server support.
    not to connect the device to the computer
  4. Thank you for pointing out the typo :-)

    4x USB port is for USB print server or addition external storage,
    eSATA port allows to add another fast 15TB space to this NAS

    Just like rand_79 said

    But if you ever want to access the data in this NAS w/o networking you can do that to:

    Download Ext2Fsd - read/write EXT2 in Windows
    Use one of this RAID controller

    Now your Windows can access the NAS's raid5
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