Misclock: Radeon HD4850x2 in Crossfire

I have Radeon HD4850x2 in Crossfire and it seems that upon using Ati Catalyst Control Center, the second Crossfire card, no matter how much I overdrive it, it stays the same. I'm not quite sure how to upload a picture onto this. Can anyone help me?
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    Try checking your overclock with GPUz.
    It is possible that you are only seeing the power saving speeds in CCC.
    If CCC and GPUz agree that your card is not being overclocked, try using a third party app like RivaTuner.

    Posting pics in the forums is pretty easy.
    Just upload your screenshots to a free image hosting site like Photobucket, copy the direct link to the image and insert it into the prompt after pressing the 'Insert Image' button.
    You can press the 'Preview' button before posting to make sure everything is working fine.
  2. the checkered pattern appears when i play my games and it goes black and i have to reset my screen
  3. heres the pictures look at the current values of my two graphics cards:

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