Help! Crysis runs perfect then freezes.

The setup for me on Crysis is Patch 1.2 and 1.2.1 with 1680x1050 res, No AA, Vsync enabled and all High settings. Now whenever I play Crysis on my new computer it runs almost perfect on these settings for a while and then out of no where the game just freezes and I have to reboot my system... If anyone can help me with this issue that would be sweet. My specs are -

700W ATX power supply
ASrock A780GXE/128M Mobo
Phenom II X4 940 3.0ghz with Thermaltake SpinQ heatsink
Crossfire 2 XFX ATI HD4850's 512MB
8.00GB Corsair 800Mhz memory
WD 1TB 7200rpm Hard Drive
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  1. what is the make and model of the PSU
    and amps on 12v rail
  2. Considering you named everything by name but the PSU I suspect the PSU is generic and crappy.
  3. daship said:
    Considering you named everything by name but the PSU I suspect the PSU is generic and crappy.

    well who knows, it could be a software issue freezing the computer (though i doubt it, and i also suspect the PSU)
  4. On older PC would most likely be drivers, heat, or psu. On new PC could be memory etc.

    So, who built this computer and what is the make/model of the psu?
  5. I built the computer myself and the make of the PSU is (I know) Rocketfish... reason why I got this PSU is cause I work at Best Buy and got the EMP discount which brought it down to like $30 and I had one in the past that never went out even after almost 4 years.
  6. Couple more questions:

    - When built?
    - Ever run Crysis well before? If so, what has changed since then? have you tried reversing that change?
    - Ever fail anywhere else?
    - Ever been stress (Prime95) tested?

    Without answers for the above, I'd advise starting here:

    1) Download Prime95 to stress test and CPUID Hardware Monitor to monitor temps will doing it. Make sure Prime95 has "Detect Rounding Errors" checked.

    2) Run on all cores for at least an hour. Temps will climb. Watch temps, stop test if core temps cross 75C, or run up *very* rapidly with no sign of levelling off.

    3) Other than for heat, if the test fails or crashes, repeat with one stick of memory. Test each stick until all 4 pass or one or more fail.
  7. Which model did you get exactly?
  8. I'm thinking PSU problem. First though run memtest through a couple of passes to be sure it isn't the RAM. After that run Prim 95 for a while and use Everest or something to monitor your temps. If your CPU is overheating it could be that you didn't apply the thermal paste right or your SpinQ isn't properly seated. If all that turns out fine then I would start looking at the PSU.
  9. If the PC shuts off, I would suspect power problem or temperature issue. If it gives you a blue screen or something like that, then could be something totally different. Please let us know when you have more info.
  10. let crysis set the video optimally for you. the exact same thing happen to me and it was when I manually set the settings in the video. you probably set them to high and that's what is probably causing your lockups.
  11. I have also the same problem. Below is my setup...

    Phenom II X4 965BE (Stock cooler)
    DFI LP 790GX M3H5
    4GB G Skill Ripjaws
    320Gb Seagate Baraccuda
    Gigabyte 550watts Power Supply
    Windows Vista Home Premium

    I ran Prime95 and monitored all temperatures and readings, but there was no error, even memtest, everything is A ok.
    I went back installing again my old windows XP service pack 2, with old drivers, and no problem..

    I was wondering that this problem relates with Vista
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