Solid Overclock Settings?

Hi, I have recently been having problems with my OC'd PC. It has been bluescreening. saying IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. My video card was recently RMAed because it had problems, and it was replaced with a refurb, so that may be the problem. I am a beginner at ocing and I also don't know if I overclocked my machine correctly. I will attach pictures of my BIOS settings for all to look at. Thanks for the help.

My PC:
Core i5 750 @ 4.0 GHz W/ Corsair H50
Mushkin Ridgeback 996826 CAS 6-8-6-24 @ 1600 MHz
MSI P55-GD85 (AMI BIOS 1.6)
MSI N470GTX (Now Refurbished)
Corsair HX750 PSU

image links:
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  1. up your cpu volts a bit. Then run prime or something to stress it. just add a little volts after it crashes until its solid.
  2. It recently crashed on me while I was playing a game, I was playing for a good 3 hours or so and it locked, bluescreened, then locked again at the blue screen. I'll bump the voltage up but it only crashes once in a blue moon.
  3. Just curious when you BSOD what are your temps?
  4. I don't know my cpu temps because I don't really monitor them. I have an H50 so it idles at around 29-30 C and at load it goes to 40-50 C max. My video card was probably at 70 C.
  5. anything else i should change?
  6. If it has stopped crashing then I wouldn't change anything...that computer should be a beast...4.0GHz, CAS 6 --1600 RAM...thats getting along pretty damn good
  7. Yeah, I don't know if it's done with the random infrequent bsods, it's my first build and first shot at ocing, so i wasn't sure if I had everything down right.
  8. I was reading about overclocking on the P55 platform and read somewhere in an Anandtech article that if you don't use 133 Mhz intervals overclocks or something, it causes problems with pci express, because of the CPU being tied to it. I can't find the article right now, but I'll keep looking. Also, is my QPI Frequency too high?

    Edit: here it is:
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