Would this processor bottleneck a HD 4670 ?

Would a Pentium 4 HT 3.06ghz bottleneck a HD 4670? I know it will, but just by how much ?

I won't be playing on high resolution at all. 1024x768.
On youtube a guy has a system basically identical to mine, he seems to run games fine but I want to know.. How much exactly will it bottleneck? If it's too much then I just won't get it.
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  1. Sure it will bottleneck... but at that res your frame rates should be fine. (Also depends on the game as some are very cpu dependent.)

    At low resolutions, cpu bottlenecks are higher but it does not matter if you get 60+fps or 200 does it?
  2. ANY framerates over 30 is good enough for me, to be honest. All I want is smooth gameplay in games like Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty WaW, oblivion.
    I don't play hardcore games like crysis... and if i did it wouldnt be for long, it would just be to test out.
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