Case.. CPU.. and MOBO ..

Ok. I had this all picked out on newegg and great price, but their combos ended and I didn't get paid till today.. so I lost about $45 total. Anyway..

I am thinking of AMD Phenom II X4 940 and Biostar 790GX mobo.. (dont remember model.. 128mb Integrated graphics built in)

The case.. I was gonna get an Antec 300 cause it was $54 with free shipping at time.

Now I am thinking of this:

Rosewill R5604 BK case.

That is pretty much the only thing I am debating. .the case. Anyone heard anything bad or great about this case??

I already have the powersupply, hd, os, ram, and monitor.

I am gonna buy the monitor and 2 4770s in the next few weeks or so.
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  1. You didn't lose $45. The combo is still here:
    newegg has different CPU+mobo combos everyday. Just keep an eye on them.

    The Rosewill case looks nice. Since your budget is tight, here is a cheaper one.
  2. Well they still have the combo.. but it was like $25 cheaper with free shipping.. but its cool.

    And I don't worry about MIR that much considering by the time i got them back, i would be in a totally different financial situation.

    I looked at that case earlier.... nice case. Gotta decide between the two. Really just deciding between cosmetics.

  3. You are right. The mobo doesn't have free shipping now.
    If you wait a couple days, I'm sure you will find another combo with free shipping.
    Another good case recommended by a lot of people in this forum is the Antex three hundred, which I just ordered.
    Newegg doesn't give it free shipping right now, so you can get it from with free shipping, or just add $4.55 for a second day shipping.
  4. Thank you!! That was the case I was going to get. Awesome.. I was looking everywhere for that case with free shipping. :) Thanks bud.
  5. You're welcome. Glad that helped.
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