Need to pick a case for my system


i am building a system for the first time, and i am not sure what to look for in a case. here's what i am getting in the comp

i7 920
asus p6t mobo
radeon 4870 gpu
antec truepower tp-750 psu
6 gb memory
1 or 2 caviar black 640 gb drives for now. eventually i might add on a few more and / or a ssd or two
i will get a dvd drive now and soon get a blu ray drive
2 monitors

i would like room to expand, but it doesn't need to be huge
i want it to stay cool easily, not be too loud, and easy to organize the wires, since it's my first time building one.

also, i am not sure if i'll need any other stuff, but that's everything i was planning on buying.
i heard i might need some kind of cooler, but idk. (i will be overclocking and stuff but nothing insane). someone suggested a scythe mugen.

also, do i need paste? who makes good paste?

and someone said i might need 1ST PC CORP. 12" 8-pin EPS extension cable Model CB-8M-8F - Retail $8.99

anyone know anything about that?

thanks for the help.
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  1. You really can't go wrong with this cooler master...

    Cheap, made from good material and VERY roomy. I've built 3 rigs using this case and built each one under an hour, plus its got a very nice panel on top for additional plugins. I sincerely recommend it, and if you're going to be adding in cathlode or LED lights, it looks awesome :-)
  2. Most any case will be OK, pick one that appeals to you.
    For a simple, good cooling case, try the Antec 300:

    For a bit more "bling" look at the Antec nine hundred two:

    For thermal paste, don't anguish much, they are mostly all good. Try MX-2 or AS-5
    The trick is to not put on too much.
    I would get an oem cooler up front, particularly if you will be doing any overclocking. Heat is the primary limitation on how easy and high you can overclock a i7. Pick one of the top ten from this comparison review: To install any cooler, it is best done before the motherboard is put in the case, so it is much better to get one up front. I hate to dismantle a working PC to do it later.

    If your PSU is bottom mounted, the 8 pin cpu connector has to travel a long way to the top of the motherboard to plug in. Some people will get the extender so the cable can be routed under/behind the motherboard for neatness. You could try things out first, then decide.
  3. I've been using Enlight mid tower cases since the first computer I built. They're not fancy but very functional. $50 on Newegg. I've never found a reason to change.
  4. Too bad I didn't see your post yesterday. Newegg had one rosewill mid tower case with 2 120mm fans, hardrive mounts, 2 filters, and 500w power supply for $49.99 with free shipping promo code. It would have been perfect.
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