WD2001FASS and WD2002FAEX Comparison

I'm looking at two different Western Digital internal hard drives, WD2002FAEX and WD2001FASS.

As far as I can tell from the specifications pages, they're identical, except that the WD2002FAEX is 6 Gb/s SATA, and the WD2001FASS is 3 Gb/s SATA. But for some reason they're the same price everywhere I look. Here's the Newegg links for example:



Why would they be the same price if one drive has a newer, faster connection than the other? Am I missing something?
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  1. Market prices are influenced by economic supply and demand,
    not simply by specifications.

    WD's website has a full set of specifications: www.wdc.com


    If you check around the Internet, I expect you will see
    a variety of different asking prices.

  2. The faster connection itself makes no difference to the performance of a hard drive because even the slower connection is much, much faster than the data coming off the platters. It's like a bicycle on a road - the cyclist isn't going to get there any faster whether the speed limit is 60km/H or 120km/H.

    Since there's no performance benefit to the drive with the faster connection, there's no reason that you should expect to pay more for it.
  3. ^ +1

    Only SSDs make full use of SATA 3 and only a few of those benefit from SATA 6 . Mechanical drives just are not fast enough to come close to using SATA 3 much less SATA 6.
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