Cpu temperatures: core v socket

Hi, new here. :)

Bios reports 46C CPU temp (socket?) and 35C system temp (is that motherboard temp?). Easytune6 also reports the same.

Other programs like Core Temp, HWMonitor and Everest all report cpu core temp as 32C. So socket 46C/core 32C at idle.

Under prime95 or orthos, I hit 43C on core temps, and 58C on socket which shows as TMPIN1 in HWMonitor. They stay rock solid at those temps in prime/orthos.

Is it right that socket temp should be higher than core temp?

Also, any idea why everest reports my socket temp as motherboard temp? Because the motherboard temp as shown in everest was 46C and increased to 58C simultaneously as TMPIN1 also increased from 46C to 58C under stress testing with orthos and prime.

My system is Phenom II x2 550 BE@ stock 3.1GHz with stock cooler (Sunbeam CCF cooler arrives this week btw).

Many thanks.
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  1. Your temperatures sound normal.
    Not all programs match the temperatures with the correct components.

    Regardless, everything appears normal so I wouldn't worry about things.
  2. Core temperatures are always, without exception, higher than the thermal sensor on the cpu. Your readings are backwards or incorrect, perhaps both. Make sure you have updated software, that fully supports your hardware and test again.
  3. Thanks for the replies. That sounds a bit worrying then. What software do you mean? The only other thing is, I flashed my bios, the original, to the latest which is only 2 bioses later. Then I flashed to the one I have now which is the first update they did because it has the EC Firmware and hybrid mode, as I wanted to unlock the 550 .
    Should I flash to the latest or first bios and see if it changes anything?
  4. Didn't really want to link a thread from another forum, but since last posting here I just found this where someone else had the same thing, and they reckon it's normal but, like you, I don't see how it could be.

  5. Anyone with more info perhaps?
  6. Do you have the latest version of coretemp? And what motherboard do you have, it might be a setting in the bios.
  7. Yep, latest coretemp. Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-MA770 UD3 rev 2.0. It has 3 bios versions. The original factory flashed version which showed my cpu temp in bios in the mid 30's. I then upgraded to the latest which added EC firmware, and my cpu temp in bios was then reading mid 40's. Perhaps the EC firmware did that. Then I flashed for a second time to the version before that , 'FB', because it has EC firmware and the hybrid mode I needed for unlocking cores which so far, I haven't had success with. I'm definitely considering flashing back to the original to see if it sorts out any sensor readings. How many times can a motherboard be flashed, is there a limit before it starts doing damage? It does have a dual bios though.

    Here's 6 screenshots I took for you to show you my confusion with these temps. The 79C that you'll notice is apparently a bug, and someone on the gigabyte forum told me has the same board, same 79C. Either the bios is screwy, or I might have to RMA the board. I'm sure there should be at least one temp on those readings that is lower than core temp, because as you said, core temp should be higher than socket temp. But there isn't one.


    sportsfanboy said:
    Do you have the latest version of coretemp? And what motherboard do you have, it might be a setting in the bios.
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