Error 15: file not found in Windows7 ?!

Hi guys! Was going to boot my computer this morning and I have a Western Digital Green 500gb and bang I get error 15: file not found and that's it.

I have tried to read from it through another computer but it is not possible to access it at all. Anyone know what could have caused it and even more interesting ..... is it possible to solve somehow?

All rescue tools I tried so far can not even start because of this drive. Other drives start fine. Spotmau, ghost and similar won't start with this drive connected.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi.

    Did you tried with the Windows 7 DVD using the repair OS option?
  2. Hi!
    Yes but when I start with the DVD everything stand still after a while. Seems like the drive is the reason as it work when I put in another drive and install to. =/
  3. Reset the BIOS of your mobo, remove and re-install the RAM and try again.
  4. Yeah will try with a real hardware reset on the mobo. Still strange as 3 other drives work fine ? But thanks for the input!

    Update: I forgot to tell you, after I get the error code 15 I get out to grub (think it is in my bios somehow). I thought that only was for Linux ? This is just so strange...
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