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My asus motherboard broke and I am sending my P5N-32 motherboard back to Asus to get repaired under warranty. It says in the packaging instructions that for the P5 series you must include the "original CPU socket cover or covering to protect the pins in transit." If I do not have the socket cover what should I do?
Get a new socket cover, then from where? or... Make something to cover the pins myself, how should that look like? or... Should I just send it in without one and just make sure the packaging is very tight with bubble wrap to have it not move around?
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    No, you need the cover. Otherwise, it's a good excuse not to honor the warranty. Unfortunately, I'm on vacation away from my computers for the next two weeks, or I'd PM you for your address and mail you one.

    All I can say is check for any white box builders or try to borrow one from a friend.
  2. Thank you, I will talk to my friends and contact my local computer stores.
  3. I will be back at work around Dec 12. If you still need one, Private Message me.
  4. I have shipped my motherboard back, Thank you for the help. I do believe I would have void my warranty without the cover.
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