Homebuilt system, need help identifying problem

Here are the specs:

- Radeon HD 4850
- Western Digital 320GB 7200 RPM
- Broadway Com Corp 650W Power Supply
- AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 3.1GHz Socket AM2

Here are the issues:

- When running games and videos, I used to get the infamous "*******.dll has crashed and recovered" or something similar, I forget the exact name, it's a common videocard error.
-> This was remedied by running the ATI catalyst and turning down the GPU clockspeed
-> I don't believe this is a heat issue, as even if I run the fan on 100% while the case is open, it still happens before the above fix

- Computer sometimes completely powers down randomly - sometimes while running Vista, other times while booting, other times will turn on, run for 2-3 seconds, and shut off repeatedly
-> Removing videocard does not remedy this problem

- Computer can run Crysis flawlessly, but has loads of tearing, freezing, and all kinds of issues when running sims 3
-> I don't get this

So there's two main culprits for me - the gfx card and the power supply. The videocard can not be the only issue, because the computer will still shut off randomly without the videocard does not fix the problem. I am unsure if the power supply can cause the first problem, causing the GPU to crash once it gets too high a clock speed.

Being poor at the moment, I can not afford another power supply to test.

Any ideas?

Thank you much.
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  1. The most common problem in all builds is incorrect memory settings.

    Go into your BIOS and make sure the frequency, timings, and voltage of your RAM are correct.

    It sounds like a power supply problem, certainly. That PSU is junk. A good 450W would power the system. For a large list of good power supplies see the parts list linked in my sig.

    The least expensive PSU I can think of right off, that would work well:

    Or possibly
  2. Thanks for the response.

    The only thing I want to double check is, is it possible for the PSU to be causing the GFX card to crash under a large load or is that a separate, GPU problem?
  3. Oh now it works... I had a message saying the thread was closed.

    I just sent you this PM:

    Quite possible. A PSU is a very complicated device and you should put at least as much care into selecting one as you would into a motherboard. If you look at the power supply section in my guide, linked in my sig or at the top of the new build forums, you'll find links to a great deal of PSU info.

    There is no way to know for sure without swapping it out of course. That's why we never let people buy cheap PSUs. A bad PSU will mimic all sorts of problems.

    If I didn't already know your PSU was bad, I could tell by looking at the label, found at newegg

    Also, for that price, you could actually get a far better PSU that delivers more amperage were it's needed:
    Not that I would recommend this one for you, but at 400W this PSU would supply more 12V power to your GPU than your 650W.
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