Huge different between GTX 260 and GTX 285?

I was looking into getting a new card, and I wondered how big is the difference between these two cards? My resolution is 1600x900 I have a dual core amd processor and 4 gbs of RAM. Could someone give me advice on what card to get? Is the increase in price really worth it or would the 260 be fine?
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  1. GTX260 < GTX275 ~/< GTX280 < GTX285
    GTX285 is 15% better than the GTX280, which is maybe 2% better or equal to the GTX275, which is about 15% better than the GTX260
  2. with a dual core CPU and 1600 x 900 res, the GTX 260 would be a perfect card for you.
  3. I have both cards in different computers and from my experience, the 260-216 runs so close that the far more expensive card is not worth the money. On top of that, the 285 runs hotter, so I can't overclock it while the 260-216 overclocks fairly easy. So no, I don't think the price increase is worthwhile.
  4. A GTX275 w/1792 memory or a GTX285 and you can crank up the AA in games making them look better. I have the XFX GTX260 ( 640/2300 ) and you can't do that in FarCry2 or Crysis without your system taking a hit. With the MSI Lighning ( 1792 memory ) you can if it's over clocked enough. My thought.......... the GTX285 all the way and the fastest clocked you can afford.
  5. I don't think the huge difference in price ($160 versus $320) is worth the performance difference, especially at your mid range (for gaming) monitor resolution . When the need arises, I've OC'd my XFX GTX 260 core from 576 to 740 and the memory from 1000 to 1140 which gives me significant gains.

    Would I prefer the GTX 285? Of course I would but I'm on a budget like most gamers. I woud rather spend the cash difference on a 26" monitor and wait for a newer generation video card.
  6. As everyone has said the 285 really isn't worth it. Go for either a GTX 260 sp 216 or a GTX 275. There is a significant difference between the 260 sp 192 and the sp 216, and the GTX 275 is another step up. From there though the GTX 285 is alot more cash for only slightly more performance.
  7. I would be a bit silly to buy anything more than a 260 for that resolution and cpu.
  8. Agree, your CPU would probably not be able to handle much more than a GTX260 and the only thing you may be lacking from buying a GTX285 is the 4xAA which most people don't know the difference. Read Toms article on AMD VS Core I7, you will see that your processor can limit your graphics so it is beneficial to save your money in some situations.,2337.html
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