Max temp and volts for phenom 2 x4 975 be

What is the max safe temp for an AMD Phenom II X4 975 BE. And what are the max volts it can hanndle/are recommended. And just to clarify, upping the volts will help it become more stable at higher frequency. Thanks for the help!!
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  1. Max Temp is 62c as per AMD...max volts 1.55....upping the voltage does allow for system stability at higher clocks...My 965 X4 is at 4.11 GHz--->1.45v...I like to stay far away from the max Temp and Voltages.....
  2. Is the max temp for normal operation, cause mine stays around 50-55c normally, but under stress tests goes up to 61. Should I try to overclock it more. Is it ok if I get the temps up to 65 under stress tests.
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    no 65c is to high.....max temp is just that maximum..what HSF are you highest temp while running prime95 is 53c...My cooler is the Corsair H50....As far as OC more thats up to you...Sounds like you are gonna need a better cooling solution ASAP if you do plan on OC it anymore
  4. The max AMD recommends are 62C & 1.4V. 1.5V is considered safe as long as the temps are OK, 1.55 is on the extreme side of OK. I recommend keeping you load temps below 60C preferabley under 55C.
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