HAF 932 Side panel window mod, questions..

I want to make a side panel window mod.

Like this.

But I don't wanna put the acrylic under the cut..
because that would look bad I think.

I want to try to get this type of effect..

Basically I will be cutting down like this..

I don't think I will go that far down though sense I want the primary focus area to be on the motherboard and liquid cooling tubes.

When you put the acrylic under the cut it looks bad like this..

But you see how the top window is mounted directly into the case?

I wish I could do that some how..
But I can't, so I will have to put it under the cut.

Also can you buy acrylic of the same kind as the one thats in the top window?
With the grid runnign through it? That looks kind of decent.

Something I did see is that the right side panel looks the same as the left side panel except it has no window.. BUT It does have a rectangle bevel in it.. so If I could just use that panel and cut aline the bevel and screw the acrylic in to that instead, I'd be set, Even though it goes a little farther down.

So my question is is there a better way to do it? Or can I put the right side panel on the left aswell?

If yes, then I will see if the company can send me an extra right side panel, even if I have to pay for it. Maybe I can lie and say it came dented or something, and have em send me one.

I like the embedded into the case look.. :bounce:
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    I have the Coolermaster HAF 932. I did a case mod last year. I found acrylic panels at a local hobby shop. The acrylic panels at the hobby shop were a lot less expensive than those available online. I used a plain panel without those silver criss-cross lines.

    The reason the large acrylic panel in the last photo looks bad is because no trim was used. There are several ways to fix that.

    First you could install the acrylic panel on the outside of the case and then cover the edges with thin metal or plastic trim to form a nice straight border and give it the raised panel look. I found a variety of metal and plastic trim, channel, and molding at the hobby shop.

    Second, you could use a more traditional technique. An acrylic panel mounting kit is available from some of the online case mod vendors. Here is an example:

    Left and right side replacement panels are available from the Coolermaster store:
  2. Thanks does the right side panel fit on the left?
  3. GEE! I don't know. I never tried it. The location of the thumbscrew holes do not appear to be a problem. I think it would depend on the flanges on the top and bottom of the panels. If they are identical then the panels could be swapped.

    DANG! I just removed both panels. The flanges are all identical. The right side panel fits on the left side and the screw holes line up perfect. However, the right side panel has to be installed upsidedown on the left. Doesn't matter. It works!
  4. By upside down do you mean the vent part goes up to the top right of the panel?

    If that happens it'll be a shame..

    Otherwise thats sweet!
    I could mod the right side panel then!

    It's already got the rectangle bevel in it, so it'll make it easier.

    If the vent is on the top right maybe theres some type of work around I could do.. hmm..

    I'm also thinking of bying a sheet of that hex metal.

    You know the stuff that is on the PCI slots and the drive bay covers and on the left side panel..

    Instead of a acrylic window maybe that.

    Still deciding tho, I'll decide when the case gets here.
  5. Yes, the slotted vents will wind up at the top front of the side panels instead of bottom front. They could use some sort of mod. Maybe a smaller bevel or raised pane; made with plastic or metal trim from the hobby shop.

    I use the modder's mesh (hex panel) too. It very easy to work with.

    That's it for tonight.
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