My wireless laptop needs 40bits or 104bits on network configuration how do I do

I just want my laptop to go wireless around my house, I have set the password on my netgear, local harddrive, & I still get the 40b 140b, & ascii crap, after making sure the laptop has sp2, I can't trust the free driver downloads, please any other help/ideas? It's gotta be a simple thing
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  1. If the laptop is working when you are close to the router, but isn't away from it, it's possible there is interference.

    I was a bit confused on what you were trying to explain.
  2. Thx, but it wasn't no matter close or far. I think I found that I am limited to 10 hex, only A-F caps & 0-9, then my laptop reads it. Now the problem is jus' in my laptop, though it's getting 100% signal, & shows it will connect, it won't. I've been tryin' all possibilities w/network setup, don' get it yet, probably simple. If U got any ideas thx
  3. have you tried to plug into the router and see if it pulls internet correctly?
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