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Though this is not a technical question,i think this post can save major $$ for us european guys.And here we go:

I live in Europe(Greece fyi),and here PC parts qre quite expensive.Picture that (for pc parts only) 1 euro=dollar. ex core i7 @newegg is 279$ ,and at the cheapest store in greece is 260 euros.The same rules applies to pretty much every component.Now recall that atm, 1 euro =1.4 $.That means i can save like 40% of a new pc.....

Suppose my new pc costs 1500 euros at europe.Given that i have some questions for you guys who live at USA:

1)I know newegg doesnt ship outside of the states,but would it be possible to give 1500$ to a friend of mine who lives there,let him buy me the parts i want,then send them over to greece via post??(cost would be like 100 euros max,and its much cheaper than buying them from here) so basically my question is: are any extra fees &tolls for shipping those parts from the US to Europe?

2)Supposing i get the parts,and something doesnt work.Does any1 know if i can RMA the broken part to the european branch(ex the european branch of asus) even though i have bought it from the US?
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  1. shipping would end up being about $170 which is about 120 euro's.

    If you really want to save money then order from OCUK, it will take the VAT off since you aren't in the UK and shipping is going to be about 40 euro's max.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that UK ex VAT prices are usually lower at the moment than newegg prices?
  2. Not on some of their processors, has the E8400 for £131.99 or 210.910 USD(according to Newegg has it for 164.99 w/ Free Shipping.

    And a standard EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 55nm for $246.05 USD(converted from £) @ Newegg=$189.99

    UK gets screwed on prices just as much as the rest of Europe, if not more.

    All UK prices are Ex-VAT.

    Edit, I notice some XFX 275's are very close to NE prices though. EVGA prices are higher though.
  3. utr
  4. noone knows anything more?
  5. You may have to pay sales tax on items you import
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