Connect wireless picture frame to wired network?

I have a Pix-Star PXT8W002 8-Inch FotoConnect Digital Photo Frame. The Pix-Star connects wirelessly to download photos and requires a DCHP server to assign it an IP address, but my Mom lives in a retirement home and only has a wired connection.

How can I connect this wireless frame to the Internet without a wi-fi connection?

I know I can add a wireless router, but I'm sure the retirement home would not appreciate my adding an unauthorized wireless access point.

Perhaps I can assign an IP from my home network, then move the frame to the retirement home and use Windows peer-to-peer wireless networking?

Anyway, I'm looking for ideas. TIA...
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  1. You can also add a wireless card to her home computer. Then use Windows Internet Connection Sharing. This will allow the frame to get an IP via DHCP when the computer is on.
  2. Thanks! I'll try this with my laptop at work, where it is plugged into an Ethernet jack and has the wireless connection free for ICS.
  3. No joy with ICS. Pix-Star tech support, which was quick and helpful, stated it can't be done - something about the protocol used by ICS not being supported by the frame.

    I guess I'll have to sneak a wi-fi router in and hide it under the bed.
  4. I don't think that there is any other way to get the photo frame connected to the Wi-Fi as that would not be possible there, the only way out will be try connecting a Wi-Fi to the computer when required but as that too seems to be a problem. There is nothing much you could be doing to get it set in a proper manner with the WI-Fi connection.
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