Why not a motherboard slot?

Why not make a motherboard the average computer user can replace quickly. Put all the slots on a motherboard onto one side of the board so that it can be removed as easily as a removable harddrive. That would allow the option to replace the motherboard without having to fiddle with covers, screws, and self locking slots. Upgrades or repairs to the old motherboard can be done while a temporary or latest motherboard is put in it's place.

How about a sliding slot for the processor as well?

The way we treat motherboards hasn't changed for too many years.
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  1. Then it wouldn't be the motherboard: the board it slotted in to would be the motherboard.

    Not only that, but the high-speed connections, e.g. between the processor and RAM, need to be as short as possible, otherwise they wouldn't be capable of high speeds at reasonable costs.

    If processors on cards were that good an idea, Slot 1 would still be in production.

    Motherboards don't fail so often that it would be a cost-effective design.

    Do you want more reasons...?
  2. I guess I am not understanding what is so hard about changing a board now.....I thought they were fairly fast and easy? I can swap a board out complete in about 30 minutes. How could you make a processor any easier to change, drop it straight in and push a tiny little lever down?

    The problem/time is the software and programs, not the board.
  3. that's plenty of reasons.....

    thanks for the info.........not everyone is computer savvy enough or have the tools and patience to change out everything........

    i just think all components should be plug&play by now.........and.....i'm lazy

    thanks guys
  4. If you're not computer savvy you shouldn't be inside your case no matter what you're doing.

    Processors used to be more like cards are now, but you can't get enough connections (CPU <-> MB) with that.
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