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Best strategy to clone RAID 0 volume onto SSD and split OS/data?

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February 11, 2011 10:00:52 PM

I just ordered two Intel 120GB X-25M SSDs to use as Windows 7 boot drives (one for OS and another for pagefile/temp/etc). My current system is a RAID 0 array on 2 750GB WD750AAKS drives on the Intel ICH9R onboard controller . After moving the data stuff temporarily onto an external drive (to make everything fit on the SSD), I plan to clone the RAID 0 array onto the SSD. Then I will wipe the RAID 0 array and copy back the files from the external drive to use it as the data volume.

I have Acronis True Image 2011.

In theory I think it should work but I'm not sure, where is the drive letter managed after I clone onto the SSD? In other words let's say I initially install the SSDs they are assigned drive letters D:\ and E:\ - then after the cloning is complete I would want one of the SSDs to be C:\ and the second one D:\ and the mechanical RAID 0 array should ideally be E:\. Is this done in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology windows app or in the system BIOS? How do I tell it which is the boot drive?

p.s. Originally I purchased two SSDs with the idea of creating a RAID 0 for those, but after reading about TRIM, I probably won't RAID the SSDs in order to be able to use the TRIM feature.

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February 11, 2011 11:51:09 PM

I forgot to mention - I read articles about doing a clean install, but I have too much time invested in the existing applications and settings and re-installing everything would be a nightmare, so I'm stuck with the cloning option. Does anyone see any major holes in my plan above?

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a c 155 G Storage
February 12, 2011 1:53:18 PM

I have cloned one laptop and two desktops, because, on the laptop the HDD was failing, and on the desktops I needed larger HDDs. I used Apricorn's hardware and everything worked out well.

The cloning can be done from one drive (in your case RAID 0) to another single drive. By definition, it is cloning (exact copy). I don't think that you can clone the RAID 0 on to two different SSDs. On one SSD yes, but not on two as you explain. Also, make sure that you have adequate space remaining on the SSD for OS upgrades, service packs, and also for "System Restore".

I understand that you have many applications on your present RAID 0 and to re-install all those apps would definitely be a pain! Coming back to what I stated, you cannot clone to two separate SSDs.

Regarding changing the drive letter. This is done in Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management - right click on the disk that you want to change properties and select "Change drive letter and path ..."
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February 13, 2011 1:50:55 AM

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a c 155 G Storage
February 13, 2011 11:05:26 AM

Thank you fpbear!