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I am new to this site and so i am hoping someone can help me. I have a emachines T2341 which i have upgraded the memory to 1gb of ram, and ordered a evga nvida geforce 6200 vidoe card i am going to install as soon as i upgrade my power suppy. That being said this is the issue. The images are great on the pc monitor, but in certain web pages, such as allowing the family to play scrabble online, half the screen is cut off, and it will not allow me to expand the image. I have tried many things but can not get this problem underwraps. It seems to only occur on the internet with half the images cut off, and i can not expand the image to c it on the full screen. any help would be appreciated im out of ideas
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  1. you should be able to access settings from buttons on the front of your monitor that allow you to move and/or stretch the image on the screen
  2. well thanks for the reply that is what i thought. It adjusts the screen, but the images are still cut off. It is a graphics problem, but im not sure what it is. But using the buttons on the front, that does not solve the problem. Certain web images are cut off. For example playing scrabble, the bottom of the board is cut off, and u cant maximize or minimize the image any more. Even adjusting the buttons on the front does not slove the issue
  3. you prolly have the wrong resolution set, i couldnt tell you what it should be set at unless you give the type and size of your screen
  4. well lets c i have a older crt envision monitor, that is 16 inches on a diagonal measurement. While i am here with this emachines t2341anyone think i will have problems running a evga nvida 6200 graphics card. I have a 1gb of memory and updated the psu. but that is not my biggest worry this display problems needs to be taken care of. I have messed with the resolution before to no prevail, but i could be doing something. Im slowly learning about computers, and i just built another one, so hang in there with me and thanks again everyone.
  5. Just install the card, it will likely fix the problem. I can't imagine something as weak as a 6200 using enough power that the PSU would be an issue.
  6. when i had an old 17" crt, i ran it at 1152x864... try that or 1024x768... also try adjusting the dpi
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