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I did several tests with the QuickTech Pro diagnostic tool and it kept coming up with the same error each time. I am running vista x64 home premium with 8gb (4x 2gb) of G-Skill DDR3-1333 PC3-1066.

the error occurs on the extended Memory ATS test as follows:

QuickTech Pro S.B. Memory Test
Location of Error: Extended Memory ATS
Base RAM Size: 640kb
Extended RAM Size: 3327Mb
2560-3072M 0123456789ABCDEF0-2-4-6-89ABCDEF 0123456789ABCDEF
3072-3327M 0123456789ABCDEF-1-3456789ABCDEF 0123456789ABCDEF

also, on the RAM it says SPD CL9-9-9-24, but in the memory test it showed the RAM as having CAS 6-6-6-15. I dont know much about changing that on RAM, but should the sticker match what the test says?
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  1. i noticed that in the BIOS the memory was set on AUTO, i set it to run at 1333 but still got extended memory errors. Could it be those errors that are causing my system to randomly crash even if they are clean on memtest?
  2. Any resolution on this one?
    I'm seeing almost the same error in my system I just put together.
    I verified that the memory clock is 1600 MHz and voltage is set to 1.65 V
  3. Could this be a result of a weird ground plane bounce problem when more address lines are used (to access high memory)?
  4. It turned out that the video card was slowly dying (and eventually died). that is what was causing my system crashes. I never did figure out what or why the extended memory errors were occurring, but getting a new video card solved my problems, and my system has been running (nearly) flawlessly for the past two months
  5. I have exactly the same error!

    I am running WinXP x86 with 4GB Ram and an NVidia FX570 - what was your "failing" memory card?
  6. I gave up on chasing this problem (maybe power supply issue, I have no idea).
    My system has been working fine (Windows 7) + BurnIn test == no problems (for now, and I hope for the future).
  7. FurryP said:
    I have exactly the same error!

    I am running WinXP x86 with 4GB Ram and an NVidia FX570 - what was your "failing" memory card?

    I was using a Radeon 4870 x2 card that died, but replaced it with a new Radeon 5870.

    also between the time when it would crash a lot, and now, I also installed Windows 7 x64 as Haumrabi did. Maybe the drivers arent as stable for XP and vista as they are for Windows 7?
  8. Hey, hi guys.
    I'm new here, but I've got the same problem -sort of.

    I've got an MSI GT-735 old but pretty good notebook.
    It came with an ATI Radeon HD 3850, AMD Turion X2 ultra, and 2X2 GB ram (DDR2 if I'm not mistaking).

    It's now over the warranty.
    Also was broken at the power plug, so it's been a while I was using it (had no money to repair) but now I fixed the power plug problem, installed Win7, aaand thought -because it had to be disassembled- to check if everything's working. I went for Quicktech pro- everything passed (default test) EXCEPT the:
    Extended memory test, ATS.

    I was varying with the two ram modules and it turned out that if I remove one of them from the SECOND slot, the mentioned test passes without error. Sooooo I guess it means the slot (or motherboard?) has some errors. But I'm not sure because Win7 runs perfect so far (tho' I had one blue screen of death..) win memtest shows no errors, applications run as well, etc...

    Please, I'd appreciate any help.
    Like what to do, what's actually wrong -how to solve with almost no money..
    aaand if something is wrong -should I just ignore and use win7, programs and such?
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