Where can I get the download for this chipset driver. My installation disk does not work under windows 7 (64 bit) operating system. Message error: does not recognize operating system
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  1. Yes, Just ammazing, AMD download page does not recognize it's own chipset. When I attempt to download drivers, message returns saying " not recognized.
  2. The Amdgame site has the chipset drivers for the chipset, once you get to amd go to amdgame then look at left side there are about 4? boxes, one of them says chipset. Not a video issue.
  3. Go to Asus's website. Often drivers are specialized specifically for the board.
  4. he was trying to use the auto detect feature and it was failing like it always does, amdgame is where you get drivers for ati gfx cards. he just needed to manually search for the drivers. board manufactures usually dont keep up with driver updates so its better to get them from the chip manufacture.
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