Re-doing water loop, need some advice

Hi everyone. I will be redoing my waterloop here after finals and I need some advice for a few things.

First, my current loop has a:

1 - PUMP - Swiftech MCP 655
1 - RADIATOR - Thermochill PA120.3 (old school 25mm spacing)
1 - CPU BLOCK - D-tek fuzion R2
6 - FANS - Silverstone FM-121 (push-pull config)
1/2" ID 5/8" OD tygoon tubing

For my new setup i'm getting a Black Ice SR-1 Radiator(I know it performs similar to the thermochill but my TC is kind of a PITA, putting screws into it can take hours, one time i just said F-it and actually super-glued fans to it. The 25mm spacing is annoying because it's harder to find gaskets for, and there are no single unit fan covers for it, so i have to use individual fan covers for it which just make it ugly)

I'm keeping the pump, and changing CPU block to the koolance CPU-370.

Tubing will change to 1/2" ID 3/4" OD

adding compression fittings.

Now i'm also buying 2 GTX 580s, and i'm entertaining the thought of throwing an EK waterblock on them and putting them in my loop.

Now I know single loop is the way to go, but i'm concerned as to whether my radiator would be sufficient enough to cool the CPU and 2 GPU's. I would have the spare thermochill radiator that i *could* throw into the loop, but I really have no idea where i would put the huge thing. I mean it's top mounted now, which only leaves the side or the back, and if it's on the sides I can't easily open/alter the case, and if it's on the back, even things like connecting my monitor and speakers get tough.

My second question is if I should add a second pump. Redundancy would be nice, but would i see a performance increase? I would probably be adding the MCP35x.

Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. what's your case?
  2. Quote:
    Now I know single loop is the way to go, but i'm concerned as to whether my radiator would be sufficient enough to cool the CPU and 2 GPU's

    No, you'll need more rad, especially adding SLI 580's. At least double what you are already running, currently.

    My second question is if I should add a second pump. Redundancy would be nice, but would i see a performance increase? I would probably be adding the MCP35x

    Wouldn't necessarily need a second pump, unless you really wanted the redundancy or had issues with flow...which you shouldn't in that loop. You won't see any real performance increase, unless your current 655 is on it's last leg and slowly dying. Most people running dual pumps (in a serial loop) run the same pump so they are running about the same speed/flow. It won't really hurt anything if they are different and running marginally different speeds, but I wouldn't see any benefit to mix/matching pumps other than redundancy.
  3. My case is a Silverstone TJ-09.

    Here's a current pic of the case and waterloop to give anyone ideas and to see what's going on

    Also, how ridiculous is this thinking?

  4. as mention before ..2x360 for your set up.other than the back,i don't see where alse can you install additional RAD (may be good time to get different case or get free stand)

    EDIT; you can install them on the side of the case (rubix have 2xMCR on the side) or get Nova 1080
    by sandwiching two RAD's you will only get like 50% from the bottom one
  5. Wow, didn't think a 1080 radiator would be that cheap. At this rate i'd be better off not buying the SR-1 and just getting that. That should be more than enough radiator for a dual gpu and 1 cpu loop.
  6. Yeah, you are going to be cramped on space with another rad. You could go the route of the huge Nova, but that's your call...there is no such thing as overkill in watercooling.

    That being said, what are you going to do with the TC PA? It's a great don't want to simply add to it? Just not sure which direction you are going in...just let us know, we'll help you get it figured out.
  7. "overkill" ..yes there is as i stated in that thread 1080 nova for single CPU..? lol
  8. I would be much more inclined to get a 1080 radiator than add the TC.

    The radiator on the back of the PC is just such a pain, and the main reason I moved it to the top a long time ago. Add in the fact of the extra tubing needed to add a completely separate radiator and it's not worth it.

    I'll either continue to use air cooled cards (which may be what i do. 2 GTX 580 waterblocks are pretty expensive and I think i'm going to the middle east soon.

    As far as what I will do with the TC after all is said and done (cause i'm not using it either way now) I guess i'll most likely sell it. Don't know if anyone would want the 25mm spacing one though, and the weird non-1/4" threading
  9. Yeah, some of those older rads are like that. Swiftech did the same using non-G1/4 for the fittings on some of their old rads, too. Standardization is a great thing.
  10. Looking through the larger radiators, theres a MO-RA 9x120mm PRO extreme. It's quite a bit more money than the Nova, but reviews are all in German. Appears to work better than the nova, but almost twice the price.

    i just got one of my GTX 580's a couple minutes ago. Think i'll take a look at temps and noise and go from there.
  11. So looking at these 1080 Rad's, like the nova and the MO-RA, can I fit a single 360mm Fan on these?

    Looking at the pictures it seems the fan templates are riveted onto the radiator, so it may be better to get the 4x180 version just for less metal in front of the radiator.

    The fan i have in mind is this one:

    Also, would a single 360mm fan outperform 4 180mm fans?

    thanks for your help guys.
  12. The single 360mm fan pushes just over 125 CFM and only runs at 600RPM. With 4 180mm fans you would get much better airflow.
  13. You are going to want something with more static pressure than that 360...yeah, its big, but I wouldn't expect it to move air through a's designed to simply move air through the side of a case window...unobstructed.
  14. Ok thanks guys.
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