Can i change or upgrade my hp elitebook 6930p's graphics card?

i wanna upgrade my graphics card. I do not whether it is possible or not. Please help me with the information.It's now have radeon ati mobility 3450hd. So wanna change it. Pls help. i can spent 200-300$ for it.
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  1. No, you can not change the GPU in your laptop.
    If you want a real gaming machine, save your $200-300 and put it towards a custom desktop system.
  2. For not much more than $300 you can build yourself a pretty decent desktop gaming computer.
  3. jyjjy said:
    For not much more than $300 you can build yourself a pretty decent desktop gaming computer.

    Is it !!!!??? a pretty decent graphics card needs $150 as i know.
  4. Lots of great cards for under $100 these days(HD4850 deals have been $80-85 lately)
    A case w/acceptable psu should be $50ish
    500 gig HD $50
    4 gigs of ddr2 can be had for $30-40 and below($20ish if you wait for a nice deal to come around)
    A $70 e5200 c2d can be easily overclocked like crazy and is good for a budget gaming system. An AMD Kuma 7750 is $60 and offers similar performance although it doesn't OC quite as well.
    An ok motherboard for the e5200 should be $50-70. Slightly less if you go for an AMD system.
    That's all the main components for under $350. A dvd burner is $20ish... wireless card if you need one about the same. The system I just outlined should play any game quite well at reasonable resolutions, even Crysis. If you need a monitor too things get a bit more pricey and if you'd rather spend more for a quadcore system add another $50-100.
  5. How about this for a budget gaming rig:

    E5200: $70
    Foxconn G31MXP-K: $43
    4Gb OCZ Reaper DDR2 800: $35*
    HIS 4670 IceQ: $60*
    WD 320Gb Hard Drive: $50
    DRD/RW Drive: $26
    Antec 300 Case + Earthwatts 430w PSU: $100

    Total: $384*

    *after MIR

    This will give you a good, highly overclockable, budget gaming platform complete sans monitor, kb/mouse, etc.
    For another $30 or so, you can upgrade to a much more powerful 4850, if you can make it fit your budget.
  6. The graphics card is part of the motherboard and cannot be upgraded without replacing the motherboard itself. In short buy your self a new computer.
  7. is there any way you can upgrade the the ati mobility radeon HD 3450 graphics card from 128mb to 256mb?
  8. Unless there is an option in the BIOS, you can not.
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