Asus P5KPL-E strange problems.

Hi all,

Friend of mine gave me to fix bugs with his OS.. I did fresh repartitioning, and full windows 7 reinstall.

Everything worked fine, until i turned PC off and went to sleep.

In a mournign, i turned pc on, and noticed that its running wrong resolution (not 1440x900, but 1024x768), and monitor wasnt PlugnPlay anymore.

After another reboot, everything started to work, and monitor was again 1440x900 and it was PnP.

After few more reboots i had one program "Access violation error at...." Looked like memory or HDD. Did HDD scan, no BadBlocks. Did memory scan. Nothing.

Bios is latest 0603 if i remember right.

He uses internal vga, Intel 3100.

No PCI cards inside.

Memory 2GB DDR2 800

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E7200.

Old ATA HDD 120Gb.
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  1. Check all the drivers? All the BIOS settings on default? Did you recently flash BIOS? Might need to reflash.
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