Need help please.

I just installed a 600W Zalman PSU and a Radeon 4670 in my pc. Now my processor cooling fan is running at max speed nonstop... really loud. And also I have no volume at all. My pc doesn't even detect any sound devices. I have integrated graphics and sound on my mobo.
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  1. You didn't specify what motherboard and what else you did when you repalced the PSU. Did you disconnect the CPU fan? If so, did you reconnect it to the CPU Fan header? Did you reset the CMOS?
  2. Sorry, my bad. I was kind've in a hurry. Ok, so I have an Asus P5LP-LE motherboard. I believe it also goes by a different name. I switched out the stock power supply with a Zalman ZM600-HP and threw in a Radeon 4670. I'm still waiting on my new cpu, mb, and ram in the mail. But the problems are; 1. The fan over the heatsink on the cpu runs at max speed as soon my OS is loaded and doesn't slow down. 2. after installing the GPU I have no sound. My MB has integrated sound. I can't even find the sound card in the device manager. I "solved" 2 by using an HDMI cable instead of VGA. Everything is connected correctly and I have reset my CMOS.
  3. Quote:
    The fan over the heatsink on the cpu runs at max speed as soon my OS is loaded and doesn't slow down.
    You have to configure it in the BIOS. Under Hardware Monitor, there should be a setting for CPU Q-Fan control (or whatever it's called in your BIOS). Set it to Enabled. There might also be a few additional settings to verify. It should all be in the manual.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I went into the Bios and found out my sound card was set to AUTO, so I changed it to ENABLE and the sound works again. But I'm still having the issue with the fan speed. I can't adjust it in the Bios. It also says my cpu temp is 102F which seems really high. I keep my house at 70F and my intakes and exhaust are sucking/pushing ice cold air.
  5. 102°F is rather cool; it's just slightly warmer than your body. 190°F would be really high.

    Your fans should be configurable in the BIOS. How do you get into the BIOS with that motherboard? Does it have an HP BIOS? If so, have you tried F11 instead of F1?
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